Quad Dryer
Sunspot Quad Dryer


  • Fully dry your material ahead of your run

  • Great for prototype or start up material

  • Dry 1- 4 different materials at a time

  • Each drum holds 35 pounds of material

  • Built-in 0-300 degree F thermometer

  • Carry material to your hopper

  • Using a hopper dryer? Why start-up with wet material trapped in the throat? You can pour dried material in the empty hopper first.

  • Powder coated

  • Inlet and outlet connections supplied to YOUR hose sizes

  • This is a closed circuit unit. The air coming out of the drums returns to your desiccant unit

  • Block-off discs allow you to disable 1 to 3 drums as needed

  • You will need a desiccant or hot air dryer of your own to operate this unit

The Quad Dryer comes with 3 Block Off Discs so you can be disable fQuad Dryerrom one to three drums (dry 1 to 4 drums of material).



Quad DryerOne storage cover comes with each unit.






Quad Dryer

The Cover is easily latched no matter how you put it in place.




Quad DryerThe Return Manifold comes with an adapter to fit the return hose of your desiccant dryer.



Quad Dryer

Built in thermometer monitors actual air temperature coming in.



Quad DryerThe internal baffle directs the hot air in such a manner that all drums receive equal amounts of hot air.