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Model LFH-12713
  • Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood
    Fume Hood with Stand
  • Fume Hood
  • Fume Hood

The Fume Hood Model LFH-12713 is manufactured specifically for evacuating fumes from your laboratory during flammability testing of automotive interior materials per the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #302.

  • The dimensions are 40” x 40” x 24” deep.
  • Electrical:  120v AC with grounded receptacle.
  • On-Off switch for the light and blower motor are mounted on the front cover.
  • The exit side of the blower is to have a fire proof 5 or 6-inch exhaust hose and is to be routed to the outside of your building.
  • Air Flow Control:  Under the blower is a sliding valve which can be slid in and out for the proper air flow.  The basic principle is to adjust the flow as low as possible but yet enough flow to remove the fumes from the unit and not allow them to back up into the room.  Some automotive companies specify the exact air flow rate.
  • The bottom of the unit has a “trap door” which can be used to drop molten, smoking plastic material into a bucket of water under the fume hood.  This minimizes the amount of fumes which will enter the room.
  • Your natural gas line exits out the left side of the fume hood.  The exit hole has a rubber grommet.
  • The Fume Hood can be sitting on an optional Stand which is 36″ high (see adjustable height stand).

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